Kilts & Koozies by Nokoman

   Wallace  4-12M

Colquhoun 4-12M

Anderson  4-12M

MacPherson  4-12M

William Wallace: Every man dies, not every man truly lives.

Buchanan 4-12M

MacLeod Green 4-12M

Farquharson 4-12M

Royal Stewart  4-12M

 Lindsay 4-12M

 Scotland Nat 4-12M

Ramsay 4-12M


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 Robertson   4-12M

Fraser Red  4-12M

Douglas Green 4-12M

Campbell   4-12M

Hamilton Red 4-12M

Information & Ordering

These are the kilts that I generally stock. Sometimes twins or even triplets might leave me out of stock of a tartan but I can generally have them delivered fairly quickly.

These baby kilts are so much fun.The above measure 18" in the waist. There is a little give and take as the fastening is velcro. The length is 8.5"

Prices and shipping 

The above kilts are $31.99 each. Shipping varies between US rates and international rates. Paypal calculate the rate depending on order size and location
I generally ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Tartans Available
 The tartans pictured above are stock items. The following can be ordered.

Caledonia, Douglas Modern,Gordon Red,Hay,Holyrood,Macpherson Hunting,Macqueen, Menzies Dress,Prince Of Wales, Scotland's National,Stewart Dress,Thomson Camel.

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  MacKay   4-12M

MacLean 4-12M

MacNaughton 4-12M

Ideal for weddings,christenings,communions, halloween,birthdays,Christmas,New Year and highland games.

MacKenzie 4-12M

   Gunn  4-12M

Hunting Stewart 4-12M

To place your order simply use the drop down box to select your tartan then click the PayPal button.  Or feel free to email me at with any questions. Or better yet, give me a call. 954 5881384

Black Watch  4-12M

Dress Gordon 4-12M

     Murray   4-12M

Scottish Baby Kilts and Kilt Koozies

MacDonald      4-12M

MacLeod Lewis  4-12M